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Summer 2024

This is a minor Summer update to the CIT, adding more information about alerts and adding our Cellular DCAP Activation and Payment flow. New Features

  • Get historical data for a single MDT by selecting a device in the Data tab, then right clicking and selecting "Get Node Monitor Data".  This brings up a calendar to select the time frame for this single device.  Click back on the Sensor1/2 Reading cell to plot the data or download to a CSV (by right clicking in the Graph).
  • Alert Stats and history are now available per device.  Again right click on a Device, this time selecting "Get Node Alert Data".  This brings up a new window with the history of alerts associated with that device with the option to graph the history.  When this option is selected for a DCAP, it will provide a history of power events.
  • For DCAPs with embedded cellular modules, when you connect to that site and the service has not been activated or not yet paid for, you will be prompted to activate and/or pay for the service through a monthly subscription.  More information is available about the subscription process once you connect to a cellular enabled site.



Spring 2024 Update

This is the Spring 2024 CIT Release notes. This update fixes a few bugs and adds a new feature or two.  / May 9, 2024

  • Fixed a bug or two regarding screen drawing at 125% Display Scale / April 30, 2024

  • The Assignment of Alert recipients has been revamped.  All users receiving an alert are now shown in the main window and check boxes are used to enable each alert type for each user.  Only those alerts available at the Site will be shown.  You can roll the mouse over each alert column to see a description below.  To add a email recipient, just enter the email in the blank Email Recipient column. 

  • Site Ownership is now visible to everybody using Company names rather than the internal identifier used before.

  • Some small changes to the Display MDT configuration window. 

  • Fixed a bug that affected a few company Site Lists.

  • Fixed a bug when trying to load a malformed configuration input file.

Fall 2023/Winter 2024 Release

Welcome to the Winter 2024 update of our CIT software. These updates include a number of small changes and user requests to make the tool easier to use. Features

This minor release adds some cosmetic changes and a few feature requests

  • For users with customer report generators, the CIT will now show you the FTP details if you click the Update RG button.

  • The DCAP swap function was moved from the Site menu to a box in the Site Entry details. Fixes

  • Fixed an issue for users with just a single Entry in their Site List.

  • Add a warning before the CIT shuts down after a new update has been downloaded. Fixes

  • Uncommissioned MDTs now show up on the received DCAP when the button is tapped, EVEN if it is commissoined on another site. New Option to turn this off.

  • Added NodeID to the Meter Configuration panel.

  • Added more information to the Last Check-in Time Report.

  • The CIT will now exit after installing an update. Features and changes

  • The selection for the daily report generator has been moved to a drop-down selection list now. The options include our two standard ones plus any that are being used on any DCAP in your Site List. You no longer need to upload a generator file from us unless you are new to Tehama and need a custom FTP destination or other unique customizations.

  • The “Site List Last Check-In Time” report now contains columns for Property ID and Address information

  • Pushing the button on an MDT will now make it appear as uncommissioned up on the DCAP/Site you are connected to when that MDT is actually commissioned on another site. Our system otherwise hides devices which are using a neighboring DCAP to reach the cloud.

  • We added some mouse-over tool tips to the various Grant buttons

  • Fixed a crash in the Site List Data Grid view when you sort on the first/Icon column, which indicates the last check-in time of each Site in your Site List.

  • Administrators of Company Site Lists can now edit the permission level of their users.

  • To simplify adding email recipients to the various different alerts which can be generated, we added an “Email Recipients” button next to each Alert in the Quick Set pop-up.


Important Note

Support on Windows 7 or XP will soon cease. The current CIT you have may continue to operate but it will no longer receive updates. New installs will not be supported. It is possible to tweak Windows 7 so updates can continue. Google “TLS 1.2 support on Windows 7” to discover what’s needed to do this.


Summer 2023 Release

This is a small feature update release. However we are also introducing our new Support system to better assist our users. You will see the first sign of that in the lower right corner of this browser window and whenever you go to our website. It is the latest way to connect to Tehama with questions about our products and services. This “web bot” is very rudimentary right now but it will grow into a fully searchable Knowledge base over the next few months. We are also asking you to update some information about yourself to help us better support you. We appreciate your your time to do this for us. Thank you.

Remember you can read past release notes from here. Scroll to the bottom of this page to navigate through them. They might just answer a question you have.

CIT Features and Fixes

  • Added a column showing Meter Type in the Alert Configuration grids. You can now sort and change only those configured as Water for example.

  • You can now provide admin level permissions to any user of your company account. For those sharing your one admin account, we encourage you to upgrade each individual user with admin rights and use your individual account to access Tehama.


Important Note:

  • Support on Windows 7 or XP will cease over the next few months. The current CIT you have may continue to operate but it will no longer receive updates. New installs will not be supported. It is possible to tweak Windows 7 so updates can continue. Google “TLS 1.2 support on Windows 7” to discover what’s needed to do this.


Spring 2023 CIT Update

Our release notes are now being posted on our web site.  These are good sources of information, especially the Fall 2022 page associated with our 3.0 release.

  • This release adds the “Meter Note” field to the available columns in the Custom View tab.

  • Bug fixes

New Features

  • We have changed the way that DCAP ownership is determined. We are no longer using passwords to access individual sites, but instead we tie ownership to your Tehama account. We have pre-assigned ownership for most Sites but have not Secured every one. We recommend you Claim your Sites to prevent unauthorized access. It is possible we miss-assigned a few Sites; please let us know if this is the case so we can correct that. Grants continue to work just like before and are not impacted by this change. You will be asked to request a Grant if your account does not have permissions to access a Site.

  • Sites can now be Claimed and Released. A new DCAP will be Unclaimed until it is Claimed. Sites that are changing RBCs can be Released by the former RBC then Claimed by the new RBC. This will avoid the need to send Tehama a signed Take-Over forms if both RBCs cooperate in the process.

  • The CIT is now signed and verified by Microsoft to avoid issues installing the program on computers with limited user accounts.

  • We have added a Site level Address field and we encourage you to add the actual Site address to each Site. The CIT will prompt you when you first connect to a site with a blank address. The Address field also appears in your Site List and you can search your Site List using the Address. Adding an address will further pinpoint the location on the maps used in our Mobile and Web apps.

Minor Fixes and Features

  • The Connection type is now shown in all our apps as either Ethernet, WiFi, or Cellular. We can only identify Cellular if the DCAP is using Tehama’s service. If the DCAP is connected to a 3rd party Cellular modem it will still show as Ethernet.

  • We added back the Non Incrementing Report in the Reports menu.

  • Fixed bug during historical downloading that showed an inaccurate Last Link Partner Time.

  • Fixed issue with dry contact Runtime devices that had hidden the Count Factor setting.

Jan 2023 CIT Update

This is a minor update to fix a few issues and one New Feature

  • You can now swap DCAPs from the Site menu. This function moves BOTH configuration data AND historical data to the new AC, meaning historical data is preserved unlike before.

  • Fixed the Get Latest feature. Now accurately gets the latest data and updates the default graphing time scale.

  • Added a feature to allow any user who owns a Site List (that is, a user who is NOT a member of a Company Site List) to add their own users, with access to their Site List.

  • Updated Youtube videos are available from the link in the Help menu. Check them out!

  • The CIT now checks for updates once a day, whereas before the check was only at startup. So those that never close their CIT will now get a timely notification about updates.


Fall 2022 CIT Update

Welcome to the Fall 2022 Release for the Tehama Configuration, Installation, and Troubleshooting program (aka the CIT).  This is a MAJOR update to the Tehama system.  PLEASE read through these notes as many things have changed.

Everything in the Cloud

Previous versions of the CIT were directly contacting individual DCAPs.  The CIT now interfaces exclusively with the Tehama Cloud system for all configuration updates and data downloads.  The one exception is when using an IP address to connect to a DCAP; this feature is still available however it only provides READ ONLY access to the DCAP.

How does this affect your experience?  Very little, however the one significant change is that every time you click the Connect button you will ALWAYS be presented with the Site Configuration page you are used to seeing, even if the DCAP is off-line.  From here you can use the CIT as you always have:  adding/updating/deleting MDTs and Repeaters regardless of the DCAP state.   

If the DCAP is off-line, it will show as a black check icon in the Network Tree.  In this state you can make updates and changes to the site configuration and save as you normally do now.  If you see some MDTs reporting in, this means they are being received by a neighboring DCAP which show as DPTRs in the Network Tree.

Daily Reports

The data generated in the daily reports previously sent from each individual DCAP will now being sent from the cloud (and for many users this has been the case for many months now in fact).  The report generation is still controlled by uploading your company’s custom report generator script to the site.  If you had a custom CSV format previously, we continue to support those customizations, but we encourage you to switch to our Standard All format which includes every column of data available.  Or switch to using our new API to pull the daily report data.

Password recovery

You will now be able to reset your password via email.  You will need either your user name or the email you used to originally register your account.  A reset link will be sent to your email where you can enter a new password.  In addition, you can now use your email in the user field when logging into any of our Apps.

A companion WEB app AND updated Mobile Apps

Coincident with this CIT release we are introducing our new Web app.  It does not replace the CIT but will allow you to perform many of the functions of the CIT or Mobile App, and includes some nice new system health “at a glance” graphs.  Check it out.  There is a link in the CIT Help menu.

PLEASE NOTE that the Mobile App MUST be updated with this release.  The new App is called Tehama C2.  The existing app will notify you for the need to update, and take you to the app store to install the new App.

New YouTube Videos

We have released new training videos on our YouTube channel.  Check them out, the link is in the Help menu.  We will be dropping a few more videos in the coming weeks.

Other changes

  • The default time period presented when you Connect to a site is now 24 hours

  • On the main Site Configuration view, there are now individual tabs for each supported Alert type where you can assign different recipients to receive specific alerts.