Why Tehama Wireless? 

Explore the impact of Tehama's submetering solutions through our collection of case studies. Each narrative details the enhanced efficiency, cost savings and sustainability achieved by our multi-unit property partners. Discover the power of precise utility management with Tehama.

Guardian Water & Power

"These repeaters save us from having to pull power in odd locations. It's convenient to be able to put solar repeaters up on light poles, for example, and it's impressive to the customer."


Guardian Water & Power

How Tehama helped Guardian Water & Power provide reliable submetering to hundreds of mobile park homes


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Kimco Realty Corporation 

Dividing a water bill 7,000 ways: utility submetering saves millions of dollars, thousands of hours


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Fair Energy Submetering

Oh No, a Leak! - How Tehama Wireless’ submetering sensors pinpoint problems, avert disaster