Tehama Wireless is a leading provider of advanced automatic meter reading (AMR) equipment to the submetering industry, as well as offering Engineering Services to the Telecommunications field.  This allows Tehama Wireless to deliver not only top performing AMR products, but we can modify or customize our AMR offerings to specifically meet our customers’ needs.

Our first generation wireless hardware has been in the field since 2004, remotely monitoring temperature and other environmental data in the health care and food service industries for Mesa Laboratories.  In 2007 we began designing our second generation hardware along with our AMR DCAP and CIT software, in order to target the utility submetering market for multifamily housing with advanced features like Time of Use and an Internet enabled data collector.  Since then we have grown the product line to include much more than pulse input transceivers, and count among our customers all the major multifamily utility billing companies in the US.

Historically, Tehama Wireless was founded in 2003 and the core team has been working together since 1987.  We started out at Karkar Electronics, then started San Francisco Telecom in 1991.


1991 - 1995: San Francisco Telecom

Our first electronics design consulting company was called San Francisco Telecom (SFT) which developed many wireless and communications products for its customers. The designs ranged from complete spread spectrum cordless telephone products to integrated circuits for communications.

The integrated circuits developed by SFT included a Spread Spectrum Burst Mode Controller IC, a Digital Phase Locked Loop De-Jitter IC for T1 and E1 rate data transmission, a low overhead Reed Solomon Forward Error Correction IC and an E Rate Multiplexer IC.

1996 - 2003: Level One Communications/Intel

In 1996 Level One Communications acquired SFT, which in turn was acquired by Intel in 2000. The SFT group within Level One was chartered with developing both Sonet/SDH/PDH multiplexing products and wireless integrated circuits.

The SFT group developed the industry's first production ready wireless CMOS transceiver ushering in the era of RFCMOS used everywhere today. Our 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz wireless IC's, implementing digital spread spectrum technology, were used in over 40 models of high-end cordless telephones offered by Panasonic, Siemens, and others.

2003 - present: Tehama Wireless Design Group

In 2003 we started Tehama Wireless Design Group to get back to what we do best: electronics and electronic product design in a small company environment. Since then we've been consulting on design projects for a variety of clients as well developing our own wireless utility meter reading products.

                                       Mt. Tehama in Northern California

                                       Mt. Tehama in Northern California