The Complete Submetering Solution

The complete Submetering Solution consists of three wireless network elements and related software all specifically designed for wireless utility submetering in large multi-floor apartment buildings, campuses and industrial complexes. MDTs are the network endpoints connected to each meter. Radio repeaters are used to extend the range of the network when needed. The root node of the network is the DCAP which manages the network and collects the meter data. Our Configuration and Installation Tool (CIT) software provides a user-friendly interface with the submetering network from a Windows PC. The network radio link is two-way 900 MHz for robust connectivity.

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Submetering Overview


  • Monitor hundreds of water, gas, and electric meters with our Metering Data Transceiver (MDT) via pulsed contact closure outputs. Other interface options are available.

  • Extend network range with high power mesh networking Repeaters with integrated battery backup power

  • Collect and store all data at the Internet enabled Data Concentrating Access Point (DCAP) that includes an integrated radio transceiver

  • Configure a site and view data and network health statistics with the Configuration & Installation Tool (CIT) running on your PC


  • Time stamping at the meter point with one hour interval readings, typical

  • 900 MHz ISM band for superior performance and interference freedom from WiFi, Zibgee, and cordless phones

  • Two way communications between all network elements ensures robust connectivity

  • Up to 5 Year battery life in the MDT unit

  • Internet enabled DCAP sends out CSV file with meter readings by email or FTP

  • Two years of hourly data retained in DCAP for typical 200 unit site

  • Made in the USA


  • MDTs with dual pulse or Encoded meter input

  • Leak Detection of continuous flow and standing water

  • Submersible MDTs for outdoor applications

  • Display MDTs with to see usage near the meter

  • 24VAC and Dry contact (relay) Runtime models

  • Humidity, temperature, tamper switch inputs

  • Interval data at 15 minute intervals for Time of Use billing

  • 5-15V DC line powered MDTs

  • Solar powered Repeater

  • Standard, Large, and Lite capacity DCAPs

Radio Specs

Network type Two way mesh network
Operating Frequency 902-928 MHz ISM band
Certification FCC Part 15

Continual product enhancements may cause specifications to change without notice.

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