Q3-13 Bug Fix Update

OK, we were not perfect.  You found a few bugs and let us know (thank you!), and we found a few ourselves.  This minor update to covers these issues:

  • A problem updating Configuration Data has been fixed, especially related to enabling commissioned units into the daily report.
  • Change the behavior of the disconnect button (left most icon in Icon bar).  When green, indicates you are connected to a DCAP; when orange, indicates you are not connected.  Clicking the icon will take you to the Site List where you can Connect/Disconnect using the large button.
  • When importing configuration data, the CIT now auto-detects whether you are importing Hex or Decimal RadioIDs.
  • References to Unknown_Sensor_Type have been hidden  
  • A Carriage Return in the Node View table will again move the input area to the next cell down.
  • Decimal vs Hexadecimal viewing mode wasn't consistent.  Now the CIT will always use the setting from the Options menu.  This option is sticky, meaning it will use the setting whenever you launch the CIT.
  • Daily Reports and Alerts related to the Battery Voltage can now be set with the Quick-Set buttons
  • Importing CSV files with Dual Input MDTs is now handled correctly
  • A bug preventing access to some DCAP-TFA sites has been fixed
  • A bug that corrupted the Site list during a DCAP firmware update has been fixed

We have also added a new FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions) here on our web site.  This can be accessed anytime from the FAQ line of the Help Menu, or by clicking the FAQ link you see right now to the left. Check back here if you have specific questions; we'll be updating this as new questions arise from our user base.