Q1a-2015 CIT Release

Welcome to Tehama CIT software version

After receiving a report or two of DCAPs failing the update we removed the feature until we could investigate.  We feel the issue is now resolved so you will once again be prompted to update DCAPs when you visit sites.  This is the only change from released two weeks ago.

We do appreciate your ideas on how to improve the CIT software so please keep your comments coming, especially on the new Network View screen.

Enhancements and the bug fixes are detailed below.  But first, it is VERY important for you to update your DCAPs with the new firmware that is included with this version of the CIT software.   We strongly encourage everyone to update DCAPs as you encounter them.   Details can be found below in the DCAP section.  If you do not update you may lose the ability to access the DCAP remotely at some point in the future.

1. CIT Changes:

  • Graphical presentation of the network is shown in the Monitor Data tab, Network View (Beta) sub-tab. 

This allows you to visually see the RF path to the DCAP for a device (including the number of repeater hops) and quickly identify the weak repeater links.  Mouse over any node to highlight the path back to the DCAP.  Green links have good Link Quality, Blue are OK, Red are weak.  Click on a node and get the details about the device.  Right click on a node to get a context menu of options.  Hold down the Alt key and drag a window around an area to zoom into that window.

As the tab name suggests, this is a beta feature for now so please keep that in mind.  Any and all feedback about the current implementation or features you might like to see are certainly welcome (send to support at tehamawireless.com).


You might not see the Network Tree View in the left after leaving this new graphing screen.  Using the icon buttons added in the prior CIT release, click the View/Hide Network Tree button to get it back.

  • Event messages can be downloaded from a DCAP, events such as Repeater Power Loss or MDT Low Battery Alarm.  Access it from the Reports -> Alerts History menu.  Use this when preparing to visit a site to see what maintenance issues you may face.

With this feature it is highly recommend you enable the MDT_Battery alert from the QuickSet button in the Alert Email area.  Otherwise the DCAP won't record these particular events.

  • MDTs added are now automatically enabled in the Daily Report.  However it is still recommended to always check the QuickSet button.


2. CIT Fixes:

  • Better sorting on columns with time data (Last Log Reading, etc.)
  • For Dual Pulse MDT units, a 2nd Pulse input is assumed for the imported Meter Configuration Data.
  • Improved support for very large properties using Gateways and a Cloud Server.
  • Support the late model Laptops with high resolution screens.


3. DCAP Changes:

  • Support for a new QuickTest feature on new MDTs and Diversity Repeaters.  This is part of a new mobile web application we will release shortly allowing easy field access to DCAP data.  Look for an email announcement in your inbox soon!
  • Shadow Backups of the configuration data are saved on the DCAP.  Call Tehama if you need to restore a site from this backup should you not be able to find a local CIT backup.  A future CIT version may allow you to do the restore yourself.
  • Lowered the timeout to drop a broken connection to the DCAP, which often occurs when using a cellular hot-spot for Internet to your laptop.  You would see this as a "Too Many Connections" error in the CIT.
  • Support for updated Access Code infrastructure. This is the reason you should update all your DCAPs.  We are beefing up and securing the remote access links as we move to this new infrastructure.  All this will be transparent to you the user; however it will take two updates to fully implement. This first update will set the groundwork and a future release will complete the update.

Reminder:  Firmware updates to a DCAP can be done after you are finished working on a site, rather than having to do the update immediately when connect to a DCAP.  Also, more than one instance of the CIT software can be running on your PC in case you need to look at multiple sites at once.

 4.  DCAP Fixes:

  • Historical Reporting is now reliable.  It previously would work the first time but may not after that.  Also, only one report can be done at once, so the CIT now checks for this and won't allow you to run a second report.  If you need many reports, use the date range feature to run multiple days or even multiple months.  Note that each day’s report can take a few minutes to generate so be patient for them to arrive.
  • More reliable Status LED.  It will stay red if the firewall is blocking remote access to the DCAP even if other features are working (email & FTP).  Tip: If ever you have a connectivity issue, disconnect the Ethernet cable for a few seconds then reconnect to reset the remote access function.