Q3-2014 CIT Release

Welcome to Tehama CIT software version  We appreciate your ideas on how to better the CIT software, so keep your comments coming!  Enhancements and a few bug fixes in this release include

1. User Interface (UI) Enhancements: 

  •  In the network tree display area, the number of MDTs currently using a repeater has been added to each repeater shown in the parentheses next to each repeater.
  • A new menu item is added, CIT-> Site List-> Use Current and ->Use Backup.  This allows the user to select and use their current site list or to select a historical site list. 
  • The IMR and Count Factor are now available column choices in the Monitor Data views.
  • Fractional values, 1 decimal place, for the Initial Meter Read value are now allowed.
  • To see how long an MDT or Repeater unit has not been reporting to the DCAP, the Last Contact time is now included for units that have not reported within the time period the user downloaded using the CIT.

2.  DCAP Communication Enhancements:

  • When connecting to a DCAP, if the Site name is different from the Site List name, then the user is notified and prompted for action. 
  • To bypass the automatic downloading of the last 12 hours of sensor monitor data when connecting to a DCAP, press the CTRL key while clicking on the Connect button (CTRL-Connect button).


  • The CIT now checks for any needed update to the DCAP’s firmware when either disconnecting from a site or exiting from a site.


  • The DCAP can act as a Central Server as long as the total capacity remains under 1000 units.  For example, two neighboring small sites could use one DCAP acting as the primary database, and the second DCAP being a Gateway.  Both DCAPs would need Ethernet access. 


  • The *.out file report generators have been updated so multiple daily historical reports can be generated in one step.  Note: Using the most recent ReportGenMod#.zip.aes script is required and may require reinstalling the script in the DCAP. 

3. Various Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  •  Selecting the Hawaii Time zone is now fully supported in the DCAP.


  • The CIT no longer hangs when showing the DCAP firmware update progress and the CIT is exited.


  • The DCAP’s Current Script now shows "Unknown…" when connecting to a DCAP. Previously it was showing the last DCAP setting.


  • Fixed Last Contact time to update when the user does the command to Get Latest Monitor Data.


  • Units are not displayed in the Monitor View grids if the Last Contact is not inside time window of the downloaded Monitor Data, and the unit is not commissioned.


  • Expand/Collapse options have been added to the Network Tree when you right-click on the Network Tree. 
  • Various fixes done to better support the import the CSV files.


  • For CIT error handling, unhandled exception data is copied to the Windows clipboard if an email is not being sent and more diagnostic info is logged.