Q2-2014 CIT Release

Welcome to Tehama CIT software version  Again, many of the enhancement ideas came from your great feedback, so keep your comments coming!  The enhancements and a few bug fixes in this release include:

1. Various UI Improvements:

  • Add Collapse/Expand buttons in the Icon bar to hide the Network Topology and Activity/Filtering area.  Provides maximum screen area for the primary data grid views:
  • Initial timescale for graphs follow the time period downloaded, so relative data timestamps between different nodes is more apparent.
  • When connecting, if the Site List name is the default site list name (i.e. "A Site Name") then the CIT will automatically change it to the site name that is in the DCAP.
  • Firmware updates to a DCAP can be done once you are finished working on a site, rather than having to do the update immediately when connect to a DCAP (or skipping the update and then forgetting to update altogether):
  • Add back the much requested "Add This Uncommissioned Device" to the Network Topology right click options:
  • Add indication symbol that a unit has been powered down ( red circle with horizontal line):
  • Speed up the time to save Configuration data to the DCAP.

2. Easier Network Tree filtering

  • Add tabs in the Network topology area and add Tree Filtering options:
  • Add "Show Network Topology" checkbox  to Network Tree:

3. Improved the “Find” functions

  • Text searches using the Find search box are no longer case sensitive.
  • In the Site List, Tree View tab and when using the Site Search String box, the search is no longer case sensitive and searches will search all the columns in the Data Grid View.

4. Improved support for Daily Report

  • On the DCAP Configuration tab, the name of the ReportGen script and version (for version 116 and above) is displayed so the use can see what report script is loaded on the DCAP:

5. Various Bug Fixes

  • Loading SQLite data was causing duplicate developmental data when saving to the DCAP.
  • When CIT DisConnects this was not immediately being reflected in the Title bar, etc.
  • When connecting to ES sites and the radio ID display was set to decimal, the CIT no longer crashes.
  • When entering Initial meter read value, the Initial meter time is now updated with the current time.
  • When connecting to certain sites containing an excessive amount of RF Network statistics data, the CIT no longer hangs.