How do I save a daily ReportGen script?

Tehama distributes the ReporGen scripts as an encrypted zip file that you upload to your DCAPs using the CIT software. We offer both our standard ReportGen (pre-installed on DCAPs or available here), or provide you with a custom script by email.  Refer to App Note AN-104 for more information about our customization options.

To load a script to the DCAP:

1: In the Configuration -> DCAP View -> Site Configuration tab, right click in the white area of the Daily Report Email Configuration area to see a context menu as shown here:


2: Select the Save Scripts to DCAP option. This will open a Script File viewer window as shown:


3: Click on the Select File button to open a file browser window. Select the ReportGen script you want to load, and click the Open button (or double click on the file). The full path to the file will be shown.

4: Click the Save to DCAP button. This will cause the CIT to send the file to the DCAP and install it. You will see some activity in the bottom area of the CIT.  Note that the new script will overwrite any previously loaded script.

5: Once the file has been uploaded to the DCAP, you can verify the report is working by selecting the “Send a Report” now option. This will instruct the DCAP to run the report and send the CSV file to the expected location. Make sure you have an email address entered in the Daily Report Email Configuration space if you expect the report to be sent by email.