Connector Specifications

A few different connectors are found on Tehama MDT units.  The connector used on currently shipping hardware uses a removable connector with a screw terminal and supports a large range of wire sizes.  Older MDT units use different connectors.  All are identified here.

New Removable connector Specs:

Used on all MDT products sold after Q3/2014.

Wire size (solid/stranded):    16 to 26 AWG
Strip Length                           3/16 in (5mm)
Blade Type                             2.5mm Flat or Phillips 00

Spring connector Specs

Used on older MDT units as primary pulse input.

Wire size (solid/stranded):    20 to 26 AWG
Strip Length                5/16 in (8mm)
Blade Type                Not Applicable

Insert the wire at 30º to 45º from perpendicular


Non-removable Screw connector Specs
Used on all units for Power input, on older units for secondary
Pulse input, Runtime input, and occasionally as primary pulse input

Wire size (solid/stranded):    18 to 28 AWG
Strip Length                3/16 in (5mm)
Blade Type                2mm Flat