The Tehama Wireless MDT records data from various meter types and transmits it toward the DCAP. Its small compact form running off two AA batteries provides up to 5 years of battery life with transmissions at 15 minute intervals. An on-board real time clock can timestamp readings at the source and back them up in local storage should a network outage occur.


  • Pulse counting input for widest range of compatibility with nearly all utility meters
  • Optional Encoder meter reading (Sensus & Neptune)
  • Optional DC line powered models available
  • Other sensor inputs available including 24VAC or dry contact Runtime, temperature, humidity, 4-20mA signals
  • Up to 1500 foot range*
  • Optional Integrated real time clock to time-stamp readings at the MDT
  • Small compact form, mounts with screw, Velcro, 2-sided tape, or a zip tie
  • LED indication for RF network status
  • Interface button for status or for On/Off state
  • FCC certified for US and Canada


Input Options Single or Dual Pulse signal from electric, run-time, gas or water meter
Encoder meter input
On-board temperature sensor
Others: Humidity, 4-20 mA, Voltage)
Data Storage 30 days, time stamped data
Data Resolution 1 hour interval standard
Optional 15 minute synchronized with Top of the Hour
Radio 902 – 928 MHz; FCC Certified; 10 mW output power for open field range of up to 1500 feet*
Power Two AA Alkaline (standard, 5 year life)
Two AA Lithium (Optional, for colder temperatures)
5V to 15V DC input (Optional, from wall transformer or certain electric meters)
Operating Environment -20 to 145 degree F, up to 90% RH, non-condensing
Dimensions 4.3" x 2.2" x 1.2"

*Actual range may vary depending on installation location and topography.
Continual product enhancements may cause specifications to change without notice.

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