Green Check      Unit is Commissioned and data is being received
Green Leaf    Unit is commissioned, but signal is weak and no network data has been received *over the time period*
Green Binocs    Unit is commissioned, but data not received *over the time period* of data downloaded from the DCAP

Yellow/Grn Check    Unit is commissioned but battery level is low
Yellow/Grn Leaf      Unit is commissioned, no network data seen, battery is low
Yellow/Grn Binocs       Unit is commissioned but not seen; most recent message indicated a low battery

Yellow Triange   Unit is being received but is not Commissioned
Red minus        Or red Check (?)  Unit is commissioned but last received signal indicated the unit was manually turned off
Orange binocs     Repeater is commissioned but last message indicated a loss of power.  If old repeater running on battery, then use the Yellow set of icons