Tehama CIT Software:

Please contact Tehama Support, or use the form on the Contact Us web page to request the software. 


Submetering Brochure:

Tehama Wireless Submetering Brochure


Product Data Sheets:

MDT Data Sheet

New! - Outsider™ MDT Data Sheet

runtime MDT Data Sheet

new! - Display MDT Data SHeet

Updated! Diversity Repeater Data Sheet


DCAP (Tehama + FA) Data Sheet

CIT Data Sheet


CIT Manuals:

Quick Start Guide


Application Notes:

AN-101 DCAP Internet Requirements

AN-102-P Pulse MDT Wiring Guide

AN-102-E Encoder MDT Wiring Guide

AN-102 MDT Wiring Guide (Older MDT's)

AN-104 Using Custom Reports

AN-105 Tehama + FA DCAP Wiring Guide

AN-106 TapWatch Import Guide

AN-111 Commissioning Procedures

AN-111A Commissioning CSV Import Template

AN-113 Diversity Repeater FAQ

AN-114 Installer Web App User Guide

AN-115 Display MDT User Manual

AN-117 Encoder Meter FAQ

AN-118U techUser Account Usage


Warranty Statement