Display MDT

The Tehama Wireless Display MDT combines our proven MDT transceiver with an LCD display to provide the easiest and most accurate way to comply with tenant meter reading access requirements in California and elsewhere.  Available for both Pulse and Encoder meters, with dual input hot/cold models available, the Display MDT is designed to be placed inside tenant space and wired to the meter(s).  The LCD screen displays the consumption for 60 seconds when the button is pushed, toggling between hot/cold for dual input models.

Remote Display

The Tehama Remote Display is a display-only model without the AMR radio.  It can be used if an existing AMR system is already installed or is not required.   It comes with all the other benefits of our Display MDT including a very easy to use programming method.  


  • Available in Standard Range and new Max Range models

  • Display shows units (Gallons or Cubic Feet) and Hot/Cold for dual units

  • Mounts on standard single-gang electrical box for a professional looking installation.

  • NTEP certified, Cert #16-013. Approved for use in California

  • Simple configuration via our CIT software using a communication cable

  • Up to 3500 foot open field range

  • LED indication for RF network status

  • FCC certified for US and Canada


Input Options Single Pulse
Dual Pulse
Encoder (Sensus and Neptune protocols)
Dual Encoder + Pulse
Maximum cable Length Up to 150 feet, 24AWG wire
Pulse or Encoder
Time Resolution 1 hour interval
Display FeaturesShows meter reading including fixed zeros (set via Count Factor)
Shows Hot, Cold, or blank
Shows Gallons or Cubic Feet
Radio 902 – 928 MHz; FCC and IC Certified
Standard Range: 10 mW output power for open field range of up to 3500 feet*
Max Range: 19mW output power with open field range of up to 10 miles*
Power Two AA Alkaline
- 5 year battery life for Display MDT
- 10 year battery life for Display Only unit
Operating Environment 40 to 120 degree F, up to 90% RH, non-condensing
Dimensions 4.5" x 2.75" x 1.2"

*Actual range may vary depending on installation location and topography.
Continual product enhancements may cause specifications to change without notice.

product data sheets: Standard and max RANGE

Display MDT User Manual is here