Released September, 2013

The new CIT brings a number of updated features.  Most prominent is the method used to install the CIT on your computer.  The new method does not require admin rights, however you will now have two CIT installs on you computer.  We recommend you manually uninstall your prior CIT using the instructions provided upon launch of the new CIT.  The other key new feature is that the CIT will now automatically update if we publish a new release.  A check is made for updates every time you launch the CIT and you will be notified by a pop-up window if one is found.  You need to close down and restart the CIT for updates to take affect.  As always, new CIT releases might contain an update for your DCAPs, and you are notified upon connecting to a site when this is needed.  With every new CIT update you will be presented with this web page to describe the new features.  You can also access this page at any time from the help menu.

Other CIT Features or Enhancements

  • When first connecting to a DCAP, 12 hours of monitor data are now automatically downloaded along with the configuration data.  No need to connect, then download monitor data.  This feature can be disabled from the Options menu.
  • Neptune ProRead encoded output meters are now supported.
  • The CIT now performs checking on data importing, catching non-conforming RadioIDs due to simple typos or Excel's incorrect interpretation of certain RadioIDs as numbers. 
  • The RSSI value displayed now ranges from 0 to 100 (max), matching the range of Link Quality.  Now if either Link Quality or RSSI are below 25, the MDT should be considered out of range.
  • The Site List layout has been improved for ease of use, and the connection button enlarged.  
  • The Site List Tree View implements folder structures for grouping of properties by region or management company.  You can drag and drop entries to organize the list as you like.
  • The Site List file can be exported and imported now.  If your company has a master Site List, you can distribute it to all your technicians.
  • While updating the firmware on a DCAP, you are no longer locked out from using the CIT to access other sites.  You can even update multiple sites at the same time.
  • The sub-tabs in the Monitor Data viewing window are now all completely customizable.  Any tab can be set to display any of the Configuration or Monitor data parameters such as Building, Apt, Reads, Units, RF network data, etc.) and the associated site configuration data (Apt. #, notes, etc.).
  • The CIT now fully supports properties over 1000 meter points in size, using our Gateway DCAP and Central Server products.
  • You can now set the Time Zone for the data you download or view, set to either your local time or to the DCAP's configured Time Zone.
  • Most all progress bar updates have been moved to a dedicated bottom bar.
  • The USB Configuration window to eliminate confusion between the two separate tasks displayed

Bug fixes

  • CSV data exports now add "=" in front of the RadioID field so Excel will correctly import the column as Text.
  • Fixed bug related to Received RadioID when using the Decimal display
  • Improve the Apt column sorting so it sorts as numbers and not as text

DCAP Updates

  • The DCAP Remote Access mechanism is more robust, especially for property sites with often changing IP addresses.  The connection is now checked every hour, compared to 24 hours in the prior version.
  • A new standard ReportGen script is available here.   This new version adds a feature whereby historical reports are stored on the DCAP for up to 90 days.  For now, you will need to contact Tehama to access the historical reports.  A future release of the CIT will allow the user to access these reports.  If you have a custom ReportGen script, contact Tehama to receive an update to version 115.



Released March 2013