Wireless Configuration & Installation Tool

The Tehama Wireless Configuration & Installation Tool (CIT), running on your Windows PC, provides an easy way to configure the DCAP with site information and associations between the meters and the wireless equipment. During the installation, the software can be used to monitor the network and verify each MDT is installed and working. Flexible operation allows the user to configure a site prior to installation (if your workflow is to associate wireless unit with meters/apartments prior to installation), or on-site during installation. The CIT also allows for local backup of the DCAP configuration data to your PC.

Troubleshooting a site is very simple using the CIT. Graphs of various wireless parameters such as link quality between radios, received signal strength, and delay can help easily identify potential problems in a network such as an unplugged repeater or poor location. Historical energy use can also be graphed to quickly highlight abnormal trends.

Extensive alarm thresholds can be set that translate into email alerts sent to key personnel. Low battery, unplugged repeater, excessive energy use, and other conditions can trigger an email to warn of network risk or anomalous meter readings. This is especially useful for HVAC monitoring to indicate stuck valve faults.


  • Simplifies troubleshooting with graphs of various wireless parameters

  • Set alarm thresholds which trigger email alerts sent to key personnel

  • Download and save meter data for input to billing and other back-end software


CIT Specifications

Minimum PC Operating System Requirements Windows 10, 7, Vista, XP
PC Ports Required USB and Ethernet

Learn more about the CIT from our introductory video below.  More videos available from our YouTube channel.

Continual product enhancements may cause specifications to change without notice.

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