Getting started with the Tehama Mobile app


Users of the Tehama Mobile App will need a Tehama Cloud account in order to use the App.  These screen shots are from the latest CIT release.  Please update your CIT if the CIT menu looks different.

Shared Site List users

If you belong to a company Shared Site List (SSL), you already have a Tehama cloud account and you should use those Login credentials to access the same SSL on the Mobile App.  If you don't remember your credentials, you can probably get them from the CIT, as shown below.  If not, you can talk to your IT group and have them reset your password.  You will need to check the box next to "Reveal" to see your password.  Cancel out of this window when done.

CIT check PW.png
CIT see PW.png

Local CIT users

If you are an independent user that is using a local Site List when you use the CIT, this is how you can create a Tehama cloud account and upload your existing Site List to our servers.  This will allow you to access it from both the CIT and the Mobile App.

First go to the CIT menu -> Cloud Account.  Select Create.  This will bring up a dialog box asking for a user name.  We suggest using your  email, however we are currently limited to 16 characters, less than many emails.  Enter a user name and click OK. 

CIT Create.png

At this point you should save your local site list to the cloud. Then you can use your new account from the mobile app to access this list and connect to all your DCAPs.